Hiring Unemployed Youth To Solve A Skills Shortage Makes The News

GregWoodNationalPostGreg Wood of Mississauga-based Cyclone Manufacturing was featured in a close-up look by the Globe and Mail on Nov. 16th that looked at the Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium’s (OMLC) CNC Machinist Learning Program. The university educated 25-year old had been working in retail selling tools, but didn’t know what to do in terms of a career. Many of his friends are still looking for work retail but didn’t have part-time positions. Thanks to the training program, Greg believes he’s found his career focus. As Greg notes in the story “it’s a great opportunity to be paid to learn”

The article brings to life the challenges many young people face in finding full-time employment in landing fulltime jobs at the very same time that many Ontario manufacturers can’t find enough qualified people to work as CNC machinists. So industry has reached out to unemployed youth and launched a hiring and training program that is very different from conventional approaches.

The Globe and Mail highlights how Ontario manufacturers are turning to youth to solve a skills shortage and examines the process involved to find youth, screen them, hire some and pay them to be trained as CNC Machinists. It’s a different approach that Bank of Montreal vice-chairman Kevin Lynch notes is the kind of model that he thinks Canada should emulate.