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CNC Machinist Level 1 Program

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Structural Airframe Assembler Program

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  • CNC Machinists Graduation Ceremony

    April 30, 2015 - The OMLC held graduation ceremonies for it's first class intake of students in the CNS Machinist Level 1 program.  The students participated in the OMLC's CNC Machinist program which...

  • Does Your Company Need More Good CNC Machinists?

    Join Us For An Information Session CTMA Members and Affiliates in the Greater Toronto Area, you are invited to attend a short information session with hot breakfast buffet on April 21st to hear from...

  • Changing Perceptions

    For several years, people have been seeing headlines about the decline of manufacturing. While many perceive that manufacturing has been in decline in Ontario, that's not necessarily the case in all...